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Hi, I'm Kevin O'Connor the owner of The Offline Assistant. I've been providing onsite (and remote) training courses since 2008 specialising in Digital marketing and onsite Negotiating & Sales Training. My courses can be used as CPD hours and are always crammed with useful and practical real world examples so you can begin using the materials right away!

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Some Testimonials

Hey Kevin,

I know I said any niche would be fine as long as I could have a product that made sales, but I was really hoping for something in gardening, barbecue supplies, or maybe my favorite, kitchen supplies. Although any product that would have made me money would be fine and I would get behind it. So what do I get? kitchen supplies my first choice! Very awesome! I guess you really could tell by our initial consultation the kitchen niche would be what I would like most.
I've been trying to find something in the kitchen niche that would be profitable and so far I haven't been successful so I'm very happy with these product ideas.

I love the video! I thought the video would be just a generic video that would be the same for everyone, explain how to unzip the files and that sort of thing. But that customized video was really nice And I liked the Amazon FBA check list...

So anyway I'm very happy!

Bruce Merrian

...I too have been the recipient of Kevin O'Connor's excellent efforts. I was not really sure if I needed this service but I am extremely glad that I opted in and that he is on OUR team. Kevin researched and found two excellent products for me exceeding the criteria standards Mark has established complete with the contact information of 3 major suppliers for both products. I am currently finalizing on both of them and should have them added to my line in the next few weeks. Like Mark Scott AdamsĀ has said many times, if something works, just rinse and repeat over and over. I hope to have a long and very prosperous relationship with Kevin and his team for a long time to come. Mac

Keith-Dana McCauley

A follow up To Marks webinar with Kevin O'Connor and for those of you wondering whether to use his services to find your next product. Annie and I have finally listed our first product from China but it took a long time to find and we've since spent hours learning how to do super URLs, coupons, photos, listing and selling in other European countries (which means translating listings). And while we waited for our product to arrive and in order to learn the selling process we've also dabbled in retail arbitrage. Through that we learned loads about packing and labelling and sending to Amazon but again that took many hours. Kevin came along at precisely the right time for us. We had a long discussion with him over Skype and he asked lots of questions in order to get to exactly what we wanted from the product. He's extremely easy to talk to - very friendly - and kept us updated throughout the process. It took around two weeks with Kevin using Mark's criteria to the letter but also personally tracking the product(s) for over a week once he'd found it. It took slightly longer for us as he also tracked it in the UK too. He also found and communicated with, 3 companies in China for each product, got MOQs right down and came up with a few ideas to enhance one of the products which he also checked was doable with the manufacturer. And at the end we were given a large file with addresses, links, photographs, a youtube video, stats and graphs plus another conversation with Kevin still to come. But the most helpful component for us both was the video he made taking us through the files bit by bit.
The proof is in the pudding as they say (well they say it here I don't know if they say it there !) and we'll update when we start selling the product but Kevin used the checklist exactly as Mark set down so I'm more than hopeful that we'll do well.

Linda Sabry

Kevin's help for finding products was great!

Hulda Sveins