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Justin Wheeler

This service is a godsend for me. Really allows me to impress both prospective and existing clients and it has had a positive impact on my conversions with new prospective customers.

Justin Wheeler Vashon Media

John Flynn

Finding businesses who need online marketing is easy. Showing them what can be done is a problem unless you have The Offline Assistant, your LeadsGen wingman, there to help you convert your ideas into CLIENTS.

John Flynn TruBlu Marketing

Glennette Goodbread

Wow, I am impressed! I have sent three mockups to clients and all three were immediately interested. I already made a sale and I think I’ll close the other two within a day or so. As you know, I just signed up less than a week ago. You definitely have a great service here. I can’t wait to see how much I can expand my business with it!

Glennette Goodbread Premium Web Design & Hosting

Russell Smith

Kevin, I am really enjoying having a “team” behind me, freeing up my time to acquire clients. It is so nice to be able to get a mobile site mock up, or a video and have them available to show my prospect extremely quickly. I can even get a reputation management breakdown to show my potential (make that future now that I have a team) clients. Thank you for a wonderful service. My very first mock website looks like it is going to be my first sale – WOW!

Russell Smith Anonymous Company

David Perkins

A remarkable set of tools that will knock the socks off your prospective clients. Two demos and two new customers, so far. No selling. Just show the mockup, and the question is, “How much?” And, the customer service is first rate. At this price, you’d be crazy not to at least try it for a month.

David Perkins Social Media Toolworks