Jason Kanigan Webinar

On the 30th March Jason Kanigan joined Kevin O’Connor on a sales training webinar. He’s also made available for you (being on my list) a special bonus to more training videos. Download the pdf here.


Jason talked about the realities of the numbers regarding cold calling, so that you could understand a low number of conversations with decision makers wasn’t something to be taken personally, he’s an expert doing presentations and even use the best 4k projector for this, thatyou could also get at https://cosyhousehold.com/best-4k-projector/ to improve your presentations as well.

Jason’s offers included two options for you If You Are Afraid of Cold Calling:

a TWO HOUR 1-on-1 Call, personalized for your situation, to get rid of your fears of cold calling Forever, and show you a way to make calls that puts you firmly in the driver’s seat, for $297 (http://kevlikes.it/cold1)

a recorded audio & video version for just $57, giving much of the same content, but not permitting any Personalisation. (http://kevlikes.it/cold2)

He also offered a third option, for those who want to know exactly what to say to get their prospects’ attention, have INSTANT CREDIBILITY, and start a real conversation. This script video training & script consultation with Jason is only $47. (http://kevlikes.it/cold3)

SPECIAL OFFER: This weekend only, if you get the $297 1-on-1 Coaching Call, Jason will include the $47 script training & consultation package at No Extra Charge. (http://kevlikes.it/cold1)

For this weekend only


Watch the webinar below.

Please note – the audio on Jason’s side was not recorded very well. I have tried to amplify it as much as possible, however you will still hear me typing and taking notes during the recording.

At 1 hour 7 mins we begin the Q&A. You’ll need to up the volume there.

Jason has also been kind enough to offer you some access to other recordings. To get these details download this pdf. Thanks Jason!

Here’s the awesome replay!
Please note, I made a boo boo with the recording and had to amplify Jason’s audio so you’ll hear me typing and breathing occasionally. When it comes to the Q&A at 1 hour 7 mins you’ll need to increase your audio to hear Jason clearly.

Remember, my bonus was there too for those who wanted their very own mobile mockup made for their first sale over the phone! Just ensure you forward me your receipt for the (http://kevlikes.it/cold1) offer.

What say you?