How To Use Twitter To Find Red Hot Leads

3. Monetising The Opportunity

So here’s how I might monetise this service. Each Electrician (in this example, of course) that I contact, I would @reply them individually then afterwards, simply asking them if they’d like more of these sent to them each month. Typically they will say Yes. So, I jump on the phone with them and sell them the lead generation service! You can charge them by Tweet lead sent, or a flat fee if they want to take over a specific location (bigger cities will garner more leads). You could of course sell them the entire location as a subscription.

So, I typically @reply them after I have sent them the initial lead and then ask if they want more. Then I call them when they say yes. Remember, they won’t always have the time to follow up on these leads either, so it’s an opportunity for you to offer that as a service, too.