How To Use Twitter To Find Red Hot Leads

2. Connecting The Lead To The Prospect

This is the easiest part. There is no shortage of Twitter accounts of people offering services and indeed in this instance there is no shortage of London Electricians.

Step 1. Head on Over to FollowerWonk. Once there click on Search Bios up at the top. I would set it up like so:

Twitter Electrician London


Step 2. Fill it in and click Do It.

Step 3. See the list of results Sort by Tweets.


Step 4. Holding down the CTRL key open the top 3 or 4 Twitter profiles by clicking on their names.

Step 5. Go back to the original Tweet where someone was looking for the Electrician and simply Reply to them and add in the Twitter IDs of the London Electricians you just opened up. I typically say: “Hey guys can you help [name] out?”

Step 5. Rinse and repeat with other tweets needing help.