How To Use Twitter To Find Red Hot Leads

1. Finding The Leads

You need to take to Twitter’s advanced search to get started here. What we want to do is add a search term that we feel is suited to what people may be looking for. So, let’s use the example of someone looking for an Electrician in London.

Now, normally you might think that just typing in Electrician London would suffice. Whilst it will bring back leads for you it will also bring back a whole host of other Twitter results that you will not have any use for. So we need to tailor down our search term so as we can really laser in on who is looking for that Electrician in London.

So, looking at the first search box I would type in:

Twitter advanced search


Now if you scroll down to the bottom of that page and click Search you’ll be brought through to the Top Search results. You’ll need to do one more thing here and that’s click on Live.

Twitter Live results

Why click on Live [Latest]? Because we want to see the most recent results, that’s why.

Now you’ll see a list of tweets using the keywords recommend electrician London in them.

Of course you could be a bit smarter with your search logic here. Try “anyone recommend” AND “Electrician” London (include the quotes). See the spreadsheet here Twitter Keywords.