Yesterday’s Winds Won’t Blow Tomorrow’s Sails

As quotes go this is up there as one of my favourites. It reminds me how I need to keep on going regardless of my wins or losses the day before. I used to take the high of a good day and that would carry me over for three or four days – often I’d take the entire week off if I landed a nice contract early in the week. However, this sort of thinking doesn’t help because guess what? Contracts come to an end. Yesterday’s highs are exactly that, yesterday’s yet we can tend to carry them over unnecessarily into days. The same goes for losses, too. You take a big hit as a loss and before you know it you’re moping around for days after not recovering but sulking over it.

Here’s the reality. The only person affected by these wins or losses is you and your business. Relying on yesterday’s results for tomorrow’s gains is the reason why a lot of businesses get into trouble. You’ll often hear business owners say “this time last year was so much better” or “we anticipated more orders but they didn’t come based on last year” etc. You’ll find people always look to the past to predict the future and whilst that is a good idea, remember this, people do the same for the Stock Market and yet successes in that business are few and far between.

So what’s the solution? Well for me it’s keeping a consistent flow of prospects flowing into my pipeline. Today’s prospecting might turn into next month’s business but relying on a “send me more information, I’m interested” and riding high on that positive note is where we often slip – relying on past performances that haven’t been sold yet.

So I propose you keep on keeping on. What you did today may work for you tomorrow, next week or next month, but you need to be building this momentum every day so when the losses come it doesn’t matter. You’ve got more in the pipeline you can handle and this loss means nothing. The same goes for the Win. Got one? Great, now move on and keep working your pipeline and lead nurturing because they’re not closed on you yet and as far as I’m concerned they’re only a Win when they’re won.

Keep on Keeping On.