Work To Your Potential Not Your Quota

I love this quote. I use it when I find myself reaching my upper limits, whether physical or mental.

Work To Your Potential Not Your Quota

To give you an example of where I might upper limit physically. I have a personal trainer that works with me four times a week. I’m gradually increasing my weights as I work out but sometimes I feel I can’t go any further during a set of lifting. It’s an upper limit I reach that my mind tells me I can’t do it. Strangely enough it’s at this point I’m reminded by my trainer that it’s all in the mind and my body has the strength to keep going. I may be doing a set of 12 reps and I start to doubt myself at rep 6. Then, once I realise that I still have more to give just like Superman I find this inner strength to push through it and reach my 12 reps and then an extra two more for good measure!

What happened at rep 6 that I told myself I couldn’t go on? I started to feel pain and discomfort and my natural instinct was to drop the weights and give up. But remember that’s what most would do. Give up when the going gets tough. So, I push on. I push on more than what was asked of me. That way then I am full sure it was a mental block I reached and not a physical limitation. Truth be told, it’s what has allowed me to reach my personal bests in all my exercises on Test Week at my gym.

But what about in business? How does this quote help me? I’ve mentioned several times that I do cold calling. I do enjoy it although I never used to. But where I realise my potential in the calling process is thus:

I believe in extensive follow up – if you’re dialling for dollars and don’t have a strict follow up proceedure in place you’re leaving 98% of your money on the table (only 2% of sales are ever closed first time around on the phone). So, in order for me to maximise my output from my calls I employ a fun and educational follow up sequence to my prospects. You can read about my cold calling follow up techniques here.

How am I working to my potential? Well, think about it this way. Most sales reps (if you own a business you’re in sales, right?) don’t follow up. They dial 100-300 numbers a day all day every day. Follow up is a distant second to their dialling. Why that is is beyond me. However, they will look at their numbers as quotas. “Got to dial 100 numbers”. Me? I see it as this: “Got to get my pipeline full of prospects who are in my follow up”. I care more about having people flowing through my follow up sequence than I do about the quantity of dials I make. Think of it this way – more worried about how many dials you’re making or have to make? Then ask yourself what does your pipeline and follow up look like? My guess is not full.

Keep going – if you’re uncomfortable working through something be excited, because you’re at an upper limit that you would normally have stopped at – but your potential is on the other side, so go realise it. Every day.