Use Leverage To Get Ahead in Business And In Life

I recently recorded a podcast on leverage and how you can incorporate it into your every day life. Whether you’re starting a business or just thinking about it, there are opportunities all around you to allow you to apply leverage in a way to help get what you want.

I’ll take the example of the daily commute to work. If you’ve ever spent time sitting in traffic (who hasn’t, right) you most likely tune into your favourite radio station and enjoy your early morning tunes. Most do that. It makes sense of course.Look, we all have that same segment of time to utilise, whether we listen to the radio for 60 minutes or listen to something educational, the point is the time will be used up and how you decide to leverage that 60 minutes (or more depending on how crap the traffic is eh!) you can get to your destination whistling a tune to yourself OR you can apply what you learned in that sales call. The difference is a mere matter of how you leverage that 60 minutes.

You can literally learn a new language whilst sitting in “dead time” in traffic, or you can find out more about what “Rob and Dave from the breakfast crew” have to say about nothing important on the radio… that will make literally zero benefit to your life or career. Ever. Anything worthwhile doing will take effort to find and implement and it won’t come about as “chewing gum for the ears”.

Get a subscription to Audible and start with an audio book. Consider your commute time dedicated ONLY to this audio book – that way you can benchmark any improvements from what you learned in it directly from that time spent listening to it whilst stuck in traffic. Oh, and I highly recommend starting with this audio book. Don’t be put off by the negative reviews, it’s pure awesome.

Another way to leverage time is through what I call Sniper Times. This is small pockets of time that pop up unexpectedly that would either mean you’ll be left twiddling your thumbs until you’re back on track (like trapped in an elevator!). It’s at these moments you’ll be able to pull out your phone and go over the Pocket reads you’d filed away for such a down time. Most people will take out their phone and play Candy Crush – you know, that same level over and over that they can’t complete on… and only get so far before they put their phone away anyhow. But not you, you’re mastering that time and soon you’ll be the Polymath you suddenly find yourself becoming.

Of course you may have noticed that the leverage I’ve been writing about here has been all about internal mind set leverage and nothing about external leverage factors. So, I’ll reference a recent technology leverage scenario.

I have started using Periscope. This is a live streaming application from Twitter that broadcasts video from your phone. Now had I left it up to Twitter the people that would see me live would be my Twitter followers. However, utilising two other integrations I was able to reach a much larger audience, in particular my Autoresponder.

So, here’s how it works in theory:

I press Start Broadcast on the Periscope app. This in turn posts a tweet on my Twitter time line along with the hash tag #Periscope. After this is posted another free service called If This Then That ( picks up the tweet and automatically posts a new blog post on this blog. So far so good. Once this happens the RSS feed from my blog triggers my autoresponder (Getresponse) to send out an email to my email list notifying them that I’ve just gone live on Periscope and to go check it out!

This whole system is leveraging free services to help reach an even wider audience outside of Twitter. Then I hadone more step and that was using to share my Twitter message with my Linkedin business page and profile page, my Facebook page.

So all in all after pressing Start Broadcast on Periscope all I had to do was press a few buttons and all in all took 15 seconds or so.

Whilst I am sure you can appreciate technology being leveraged here, there’s a lot to be said for paid and free services. Firstly, is free so I had to manually push the Run Now button for it to check Twitter otherwise it automatically checks it every five minutes. Then there’s the fact that when the Periscope was over a free system called records the live stream for you and tweets you when it’s ready, but it also used the hashtag #Periscope making create another wordpress blog post which in turn sent another round of emails out to my list! But part from that I was happy with my first live stream and felt I can improve on it and the technology as I do more of them, so thus leveraging past experiences.

In conclusion, my “Dead Times” have always been my most rewarding times to me. When I’m working I am in full swing and applying what I know to the task in hand. That could be a sales call (you can bet I listen to sales training all the time), or referring to my Objections Log (a little black book with sales objections), or researching a problem to a software coding solution I’m trying to work through. Again, all skills I’ve learnt through “Dead Time”. Fill these small dead times and you’ll soon be applying knowledge that you otherwise wouldn’t have had the time for.

Oh and yes, I do consider watching television as dead time and would rather have my Kindle reader on my lap than the TV remote control.