Software That Won’t Break The Bank And Help You Grow Your Business

When I started out with my business I was overwhelmed by how much all the software licenses I would need would cost me each year. Something as simple as MS Office would run me several hundred dollars per license and that was just on the one machine. Then, as I started to learn more and more about software and coding I became more proficient in how I used tools and platforms.

Then I discovered BizSpark by Microsoft. It’s a program (not a software program) that Microsoft created that allows startups get access to paid for software tools for free. It requires a short registration step where you add your business information (registration number etc) and once approved (24 hours approx) you get access to Microsoft’s paid-for products for free.

Yep, for free. There is no charge for accessing Microsoft’s software to help you grow your business – from App development through to Word processing you’ve got everything you need to grow and scale.

Go check it out – BizSpark

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