Providing Service

You know that feeling – when someone just over delivers? It’s a great feeling and one tends to remember that feeling long after it’s happened and leaves that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

I recently had this experience with Dollar Shave Club and they even made it into my podcast here. It’s the over delivering that is where the magic really happens. Where the company takes a nontraditional approach to helping a customer out by taking ownership of a customer’s problem and making it their own. It’s truly amazing and being on the receiving end of such service is superb.

It reminds me that we can always learn from others in how we can better ourselves in what we do and how we take control of the situation. When I’m at the gym I find it motivating to know that there are stronger people there than me – lifting heavier, pushing harder. It encourages me more to push myself more and to reach the “next level” of dumb bells (you know the ones with all the dust on them!). That’s where you want to be – pushing harder and harder each time, being better and better. Because really that’s all that matters. Are you better now than before. Are you growing and expanding? Have you learned from past mistakes and been able to improve processes because of them?

Remember, if you’re seeing the same result over and over and not happy with it you need to look at the root of the problem. Customers not happy? Then you need to laser in on the areas they aren’t most happy about. Listen to what they say. Can you apply tangibility to their issue and learn from it? Even if you’re in the right can you learn from the issue? Is there something you can take away from it and make a situation better? Everyone has an opinion on something and we can’t please everyone – but guess what – YOU can choose who you want to work with so perhaps choosing that perfect customer comes with responsibilities you need to account for – and that may mean listening hard to what they have to say and how best you might be able to take control of their problem, if you are so inclined to do so.