Physics in Business

Physics in Business

Ever since I was in school I always wanted to study science. I am not particularly sure why that was, perhaps because I enjoyed taking things apart only to put them back together again (or not!) and figuring out why things worked the way they worked.

Eventually I embarked on a degree in Physics. I always thought “great, I’ll get my degree and I’ll work in the physics industry”. However, upon graduating it became apparent that physics alone, for me, might not be enough to get me where I want to go in life.

Fast forward 15 years and I now run a successful white label marketing agency, helping businesses all over the world with their work loads and all because of my physics degree!

How did Physics help me with my business?

Studying physics and doing long laborious hours of lab work taught me two things. I need to look at a problem from the macro level (big picture) and then be able to look at it in the micro level (nitty gritty – devil is in the detail). It was this aptitude of investigating that allowed me to look at the bigger picture and then laser focus down to where I need to go in order to accomplish tasks effectively.

Sure, you could say this is common practice in running a business and whilst that may be the case Physics allowed me the flexibility to jump from environment to environment and figure things out relatively quickly, which I may not have been able to do if I studied a different discipline (I don’t know for sure this is just my opinion!). However, I felt that Physics helped me learn to program as it gave me the aptitude to see the bigger problem and then focus more on the micro issues that programmers tend to spend most of their time on (80/20 rule).

I feel having studied a science discipline it has given me the aptitude to critically look at problems and figure out various solutions to them, whether it’s code a piece of software, or research to help with an outcome, it’s certainly something I am happy I pursued, even during the hard times in college!

Should I have studied business?

The short answer for me is No. Ultimately I have everything I need between my ears now that should allow me to apply my focus to understand and learn my way through a problem to a satisfactory conclusion. That’s not to say studying business would not have given me a similar thought pattern, but on the whole I’m pretty happy with my choice of studies and ability to apply what I need to learn in order to be successful. After all, if I choose to learn nothing then I’m never going to grow and expand myself personally and professionally.