Operate from Necessity

Operate Your Business From Necessity, Not From Comfort

Just something for you to consider today and over the weekend. I put it to you that rather than running your business from a place of comfort consider it from a place of necessity. This means if you’re performing a task do so like your business depended on it. For example, if I engage in a round of cold calling I do so with the frame of mind that I need to do these calls in order to generate new prospects for my pipeline. The same could be said for running a Facebook ad campaign – set it up, the entire lead generation funnel like your business depended on those incoming leads.

A lot of people engage in business activities from a level of “let’s see how it goes” but the reality is if there isn’t any emotion tied into it you likely won’t give it all you’ve got.

Back to my cold calling example for the moment. I know that if I run a cold calling campaign I can book approximately 33% of the people I speak with to either commit to an appointment (my preference) or to get their contact details in order to follow up with more information. So, with that in mind I know that if I follow up with those 33% over a period of time (defined by how each prospect fits into the buying cycle) then I can predict a revenue flow into the future. So in making these calls I know inevitably what revenue each cold calling session will net the company.

If I was operating from a place of comfort I am less likely to push myself forward and make those calls. People generally don’t like cold calling or “doing the required work” because it tends to put you outside of your comfort zone. So, that’s where most stay! If I stayed in my comfort zone I know that being there would be the beginning of the decline of my business.

Are you operating from necessity or comfort? Most will operate from comfort and most, therefore, won’t have the business they truly want and that they and their family deserve.