4 Steps To Form Habits That Help You Grow Your Business

4 Steps to forming habits for business

Ever wanted to form a habit and stick to it, only then to be able to form other bigger, better habits and use those to help you build your business? Of course you have! That’s why you’re reading this post.

Before I go into the way I form habits that help me grow my business let me first define what I mean by a habit.

To me, a habit is something that will benefit or enhance something about me or my life, for example whether it’s exercise or the people I surround myself with. I am not talking about habits I want to give up – there are thousands of books out there to help with that.

In this post I will detail the 4 steps I took that allowed me to form bigger habits which I incorporate into my business. This is a method that has worked for me and one I hope will work for you, too.

So, let’s begin.

Years ago my friends would complain that I was unreliable. I would turn up late to an event, if at all. I would tend not to follow through on commitments and generally not stick to what I had set out to do. This is fine when it’s friends I know, but when people pay for a product or service and you don’t deliver on it, well that’s a different ball game all together.

What I’m about to teach you is how I was able to form simple, easy to implement habits that then turned into big habits (or commitments) and that has ultimately allowed me to grow my staff from 3 to 22 amazing individuals, all by beginning with the simple formation of a habit.

The Benefits Of Forming Habits

Being able to look at a project/task and make a decision there and then that you can commit to it and follow through on it is one of the most important and rewarding aspects of my business.

Let’s put this into perspective. A customer contacts me and asks:

“can you offer cold calling and appointment setting as part of your service?”

I can systematically scan the request from the top down and decide, in the moment, whether this is something I would like to offer because, and here’s the kicker, once it “goes public” it becomes available. That is to say, when I tell my customers it’s available it won’t look to cool if I then retract the service a month later.

My old self would have said most probably no. However, my habit forming self says “absolutely!”. Why would I say absolutely to something like that? Well, it is because I have formed habits inside of me that I know I will follow through on, such as:

I need to figure out a VOIP solution for the cold calling. I need to find reliable agents who can make these calls. I need to research good quality cold calling scripts or have them made. I need to provide customers with a mechanism for delivering the leads as a result of the cold calling. I need to figure out a cost for the service and then how many people are willing to use the service. etc

The old me would not have even bothered with such as commitment as this. However, the new me would simply look at this and say “let’s figure this out” because once I decide it’s going to happen, then it happens.

So how exactly did I form this habit of being so consistent? And let me be clear here, I am fully convinced success is at the root of consistency; turning up every single day and doing what you said you were going to do. Well, I simply made a small addition to my daily routine. Whenever I leave my house I must brush my teeth.

That’s it – that was the one simple habit I formed that would allow me to build my business from 3 to 22 staff.

Let me break it down for you into 4 simple steps.

How to form good habits in four steps

Step 1- Pick a Small Habit

Your small habit (and it needs to be small to start with) must incorporate into your daily routine. Don't change anything but rather fit your habit into the routine. In my case it was brushing my teeth on the first instance I needed to leave my house. This is important - it needs to "bolt onto" something that you already do - but it must be a small habit that you don't normally do (please note - the habit isn't as important as the habit-muscle you're building: consistency).

Step 2 - Create Reminders

Place a sticky note in the path of your daily routine so as you do not forget about your habit. Remember, it's not a habit yet, it's something you have only begun doing. So it's OK to add reminders in the form of sticky notes.

Step 3 - Share it with someone

Tell someone! Tell your spouse, parents, siblings etc about your new habit forming exercise. I say this because imagine the strange looks you'll get when you're sitting in your car in the driveway with your wife and you suddenly jump out of the car and proclaim you need to go and brush your teeth!

Step 4 - Be Patient

Have patience. Give this commitment a couple of weeks and you'll have no need for the sticky notes and it will become natural to you. I found it didn't take me any more than 2 weeks to make this into a habit. However, it may take you a bit longer, or a bit shorter so stick with it and commit to the exercise.

I thought I was learning habits to grow my business?

You just have! Once you have mastered small commitments you can now take on bigger and better commitments that come through as a result of you being consistent and turning up every single day and doing exactly what you said you were going to do. So if you're going to commit to reading 30 minutes of a business related book each day you instinctively know you can do it - it will simply slot in place into your normal routine. You've become a man/woman of your word and in my books there's nothing more important than that. What I have just taken you through in this post are the building blocks to forming good and long lasting habits that will quickly turn you into a habit forming, commitment holding, man/woman of your word superstar that follows through on whatever it is you say you're going to do. Like my example above, brushing my teeth and committing to brushing my teeth has allowed me to bolt on further micro commitments that have made me stand by what I say I'm going to do. So, go on, give it a try and watch as your world opens right up for you.