HotJar Tracking – Review [Get it NOW]

Hotjar is just, well, AWESOME.

Hotjar allows you, as webmaster, to see exactly what happens when a user visits your website. You can see, literally, the clicks they make, the moves they do with their mouse or finger on their tablet and smart phone and the places they click on with their mouse and finger taps all whilst being recorded (through the use of cookies), all viewed through the hotjar analytics website.

Why Hotjar Analytics is useful

Upon installing the Hotjar tracking code (it was so easy to do you won’t have any problems), I was able to see within the first day what most visitors do, on average. It turns out most go to the About Us page which I would never have thought. I would have guessed they would have gone to the Graphics Showcase page. Well, that’s the difference between theory and practice. I can also see where on the pages people spend most of their time and this allows me to focus on where I should apply more of my efforts. Click on the image below to see an actual visitor’s visit to one of my websites:




Clicking on the image above will open a new window.


How much is Hotjar?

If you’re strapped for cash then the Hotjar pricing offers a free version which will surely be enough for you to create invaluable information about your visitors visits and plan accordingly. It will track up to 2000 visitors a day.

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