Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Growing up I was a relatively quiet kid – I kept to my close circle of friends, did good in school, kept my head down and didn’t really make any big ripples in my life until I learned to experience and then master this quote; Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway.

It’s scary as f*&k I won’t lie to you. Experiencing something without knowing an outcome, if any. Leaving one job to go to another. Moving from one area to a new area, city or even country. It’s fearful for sure and something that makes us uncomfortable at the best of times least of all having to actually endure the experience for who knows how long.

Why does this quote mean so much to me? When I get that fearful feeling in my stomach I know one of two things will typically come from the situation – 1) I’ll either be hurt/sore/unsatisfied or 2)better/stronger/more knowledgeable than before. It’s almost a 50/50 gamble at this point. Do I jump or do I stay where I am?

A number of years ago I took the plunge to commit to learning how to write software by committing one hour a day every day for four months. It was the decision to either commit and follow through and bust through the mental torture I always put on programming, or I just continue on and never decide to learn this “programming stuff” that only smart people could master. That commitment was the best decision I ever made. Now I can see a problem and within a minute or two think of a pseudo solution to how I might fix it by using software. It’s an awesome feeling.

Open Loops

Times when you needed to have a conversation with someone that was long overdue typically out of fear of addressing the issue are often resolved quickly once the initial fear is over. Remember, it’s a 50/50 – do you have the conversation or not? If not, you’ll never have that closure you need. That “open loop” in your mind will remain open for as long as it takes until you close it. For instance – growing up I had a friend who was a really good buddy. He would come round most evenings after school and we would play computer games and just have fun like kids do. Then one day he stole from me. He took money out of my piggy bank. To this day I still think of my old school buddy but the open loop of that theft still casts a stain over our friendship which is long over by now. You see, this open loop was created out of fear for not wanting to address it. What would I do now? Well now when someone steals from me it’s typically handled through a lawyer/attorney/solicitor. I turn my fear into a rational response (after obviously gathering my facts and evidence).

It Grows

Strangely enough I’ve found this fear I experience grows into something more productive. I’ve learned that a negative experience will undoubtedly turn into a positive learning experience for me – something I can learn from and apply to my own life, if not improve my situation somewhat. For example, one customer who may not be a good fit may reveal certain traits that you may spot in other customers and these can act as little warning signs for you to consider whether taking on this customer is a good idea.

In conclusion, see fear for what it is – a change of contrast from comfort to uncomfortable. It’s in the uncomfortable that real change begins. Embrace and get excited, new beginnings are afoot!