Expect Daily Storms

Calm Waters Never Made a Skillful Sailor

Sometimes we feel the world is against us and everything we do turns to shit when we touch it. I get it. It happens to me almost daily. It’s like there’s a curse on you; you’ve been jinxed and whatever you do results in what appears to be an uphill struggle of hassle and failure. There’s regular push back. Whether from customers, from staff or from yourself.

But here’s the beauty. This struggle, this fight, this push back is never for naught. There’s something that can be learned from it. This struggle is there for a reason. The struggle you experience is the price you pay to learn from it. I am speaking from experience where I’ve been in constant battles with myself and never took the time to ask “what’s the lesson here?” and as a result the struggle continued until I recognised the struggle for what it is. A lesson in disguise.

Public Speaking

I hated speaking in public. Sure, what would a Physics graduate want with speaking on stage or indeed in front of a group of people? What possible reason could I want with that skill? It was only after realising that public speaking and speaking to groups at large was a skill I needed to master. After all, the rare few times I spoke to an audience weren’t that bad, I just hated it! But the hate and the fear I felt of public speaking were telling me something. That something was that I would continue to experience the pain unless I did something about it. So, I joined Toast Masters. 6 weeks later and I was forming structured speeches that not only entertained but convinced the audience I was confident and knew my subject matter. But it wasn’t about the audience. It was about me. I felt confident. I knew my subject matter with confidence. The audience were a direct reflection of how I was feeling.

My daily struggles are real. When a prospective client leads me on for weeks that they are “ready to join” but fails to respond to emails or calls – it all comes down to a lesson for me. The secret is this though; I welcome it. I welcome the struggle. Because without the contrast of the struggle and the resulting relief I would never know I am pushing forward and growing. I see the struggle as my growth indicator. The Iron that sharpens my Axe. The Ying to my Yang. The Light from my Dark.

How you choose to deal with your contrast will ultimately determine how you’re going to deal with the fallout when shit hits the fan. The only difference is, I’m expecting the fallout. Are you?

Expect Daily Storms

The reality is problems are there for a reason. They are there because we are expanding into territories unknown. Any good territory is defended. Why would you not expect push back when entering a new territory? It happens. It will happen. Hate cold calling? You’re entering a new territory. There will be push back. Expect to get hung up on. Expect to hear Nos. Expect it! You’re entering a new territory for fuck sake! Remember, calm waters will never make a skillful sailor. So, put on your life vest and get stuck in.