Don’t Let Good Enough Be Enough

Imagine you’re redecorating your office. You paint the walls a lovely new colour. You meticulously work around the skirting boards careful to keep the paint on target as you stroke. At last, your masterpiece is complete. The room is done to a painstaking standard you set on yourself. But wait – you forgot to paint the book shelf… Open the tin of paint and away you go… top and sides and book shelves. Just as you’re about to put the book shelf against the wall you see that you haven’t done the back of the book shelf… you’re in a dilemma.. do you paint the back or leave it – sure who will see the back of the book shelf anyhow, right?

If you’re anything like me you’ll know you can’t just leave the book shelf like that with the back not painted because you will know it wasn’t completely finished. Others wont, that’s true, but you will. Doesn’t this mean your opinion should be as important as anyone else?

Of course it does. So, ask yourself, would you leave the back of the book shelf unpainted or would you do it? Chances are you’ll say you would paint it. Good for you.

But, does that tenacity for completion also carry through into your own real life? Can you honestly say “I’m a paint the back of the book shelf type of guy/gal”. I know I am. As hard as it is sometimes to complete something when you know it “doesn’t really matter” the fact is it does matter, to you. Finishing something you started is what makes people notice you. It’s what makes people stick around to see what you have to say. It’s why people buy from you.

So, is Good Enough good enough for you? I would put it to you that it shouldn’t ever be good enough for you. Work at it until you’re happy with the result. Because finishing something you started is what gets you exactly what you want to get out of life.

Stick with it. You got this.