Don’t Compete. Dominate

Be so good you don’t have competition.

Sure, we all know competition is healthy. It creates better products, better choices, better prices. But in the end, the real winner when it comes to competition in the market place is the consumer, not the business owner.

Whilst I am all for getting a good deal on something, I would also have made my choice to purchase based on my thorough research of what’s out there in the market place. Leaving it up to the store owner to lower his price is akin to someone asking me to pay for 4 hours worth of service and expect 8 hours. You wouldn’t do that and neither would I. So, that’s where the research comes in.

Remember though, that’s what others will do against you,too. They’ll test your price points to see what room is there but also what extras they may garner from you in a bid to cross compare you against the competition. Who knows how many times they’ve been back and forth to other vendors in a bid to get the best deal for them – because clearly it won’t be a win-win for everyone if that’s the case.

What’s the solution?

Simple. Be so good that you can’t be compared to the competition. I know I try my hardest to never be compared to other service providers in my space. That’s exactly why I brand myself and my company separately. That way, you can see the man behind the company and the value I can provide you if you were to work for me.

For example, take a look at my personal site, You can clearly see it’s all about me and my accomplishments, coupled with my experience and how I may be able to impart my experiences over to you. I don’t know anyone who’s done the E-1 Treaty Trader visa themselves, personally. Normally an attorney would charge thousands of dollars to execute such a petition but with some time and commitment I was able to do this myself without legal representation, which probably goes against 99% of what you would read out there.

I know that doing the hard work myself is innevitably for my benefit because I need to change myself and my understanding of a problem and any change through learning is a change for the better, in my book.

A wise man learns from his mistakes. A genius learns from wise men’s mistakes.

By separating myself from the competition and showing that I am just more than one company, but a person with skills that I’ve obtained through experience and hard work and I am prepared to share them, makes me different. I want people to realise that they’re not just dealing with an white label digital marketing agency, but with a business that’s ran by someone who’s as eager to learn and implement ideas just as they are. I still pick up the phone and cold call, I still run Facebook ads, run webinars, create reports, just like everyone else should be doing. But the real difference is in doing the work. In doing so that’s where you’ll dominate. That’s where you’ll stand out from the crowd and get noticed. That’s where people will come to you to know more about you and your ideas.

Do the hard work and you’ll dominate.