Creating Lead Gen Funnels for SMEs

In this blog post I will be sharing with you a lead generation technique that helps Financial Planners and Advisers. It involves using Leadpages (or something similar), Facebook ads and a PowerPoint presentation. Please note, this is not strictly about this industry but take it as a guide.

[Note – further down I provide a link to see the entire funnel page as an image simply as I don’t want to get non-targetted optins inside my funnel].

In this funnel I created a lead page where I entice the reader to share their contact information in exchange for a valuable PDF report aimed at those looking to work on their financial planning. As such, this funnel I am talking about was used to educate and engage Financial Planners and Advisers.

I create a bold statement and an easy to see snippet of what’s involved inside the report. In fact, I call it a cheat sheet, it sounds cooler.

After they opt in they meet with my bridge page AKA tripwire. It’s a page that acts as a buffer until the cheat sheet arrives into their inbox.

Now, for many of you reading this I’m sure you already know this. But what’s different here is that I’ve created this lead gen funnel and targetted Financial Planners and Advisers and they are opting into the funnel to see what it’s all about and that’s where my tripwire video takes a different spin – it starts off as me talking as if it goes to someone looking for planning advice but quickly flips to the Financial Planner and explains what it’s all about in a bit more detail, with an option for them to register and sign up to speak with me.

I’m sharing this with you to demonstrate how effective targetting the right SMEs can be along with the right type of funnel.

Expert Tip

Here’s a little tip on how to find these businesses to approach. I simply search on Google for businesses that have a newsletter on them, for example: Financial Planner subscribe newsletter Dublin

I’m looking for those who have a newsletter but it’s not well marketed. Typically they have a little widget on their site promoting their newsletter with no lead magnets what so ever.

So, once they opt in they are met with my tripwire which is a call to action to get them to fill in a form to speak with me.

The entire lead generation funnel is targetted at Financial Planners, NOT their target audience. This funnel was set up to educate and entice planners into my funnel so as they would get to know more about what I can do for them.


Here’s the exact lead gen funnel:





Here’s the tripwire page which plays a video recording automatically, with me talking



If you’d like to review the entire funnel please send me an email or reach me on Twitter @kevinwoconnor and I’ll share it with you.

So, to conclude:

  1. Create lead gen funnel as a Turn Key Solution to an industry to show them exactly what it is they can have done
  2. Wire it all up as if they were themselves a client of their own business and have the email autoresponder set up, too.
  3. With your Autoresponder have the email be sent as a direct email to the industry (e.g. Financial Planner) and not as if it’s someone receiving the report – so, speak to your client.
  4. Tailor ads at the industry professional and NOT their customer.

If you’d like any help in setting up any funnels for you or your clients The Offline Assistant can help.