Consistency Is The Key To Running A Successful Business – Here’s How To Be Consistent

We all know this “secret”. With hard work and consistency we can have and do whatever we want. One of my favourite sayings is: “Dear Hard Work, Is there Nothing You Cannot Do?” This saying carries so much truth in it that it’s obviousness is often left un-noticed.

There’s a catch to being consistent, though. You see being consistent can inevitably be a persistent challenge. The two words are similar, for sure, but persistent is typically associated with “tough” or “hard work”. For me, I see one and the other as a natural flow between the two – sometimes I’m having a good day and things are going smooth, other times it’s a chore, a drag and requires me to persist on through it.

The differences between these two words (consistency and persistency) need to be understood so as you don’t lose focus on what it is you’re working on.

Let’s look at a real world example – I’ll use fitness. I go to the gym first thing in the morning. In order to go to the gym I first need to get up (ha ha come on now!). So, I set my alarm. Next kicks in the problem of actually getting up – dragging myself out of bed. ARGH! It’s a struggle – I must PERSIST through the “getting up” phase in order to get to the gym. I get it – some times it’s not all up, up and away, right?! But I hate having to persist – I would rather turn it into a consistency if I can. So, I did. How? I simply applied one simple rule. It’s so simple you probably won’t believe it when I explain it but it is so effective it will change the way you get up in the mornings if only you try it.

The simple method I use to get up when I typically find it hard to (going to bed too late when I need to get up early) is to apply my 5 second rule.

The 5 second rule

When I alarm gets up I give myself 5 seconds to get up out of the bed. That’s it. Five simple seconds to get up and standing up – curtains open. But there’s one thing to this five seconds – I count down from 5,4,3,2,1. By the 1 second mark I must be standing up. That’s it! Here’s why it works so well (if only you would do this!). When I am counting down I am focusing on the numbers and nothing else. I’m not allowing the B.S to creep into my mind like: “oh man I’m so tired” or “argh, another 10 mins”. It simply blocks all that coming into my mind. I can only handle one train of thought at any one time, so that makes this whole exercise logically a winner! Go on, give it a try, you’ll find it works great, I promise.

So that’s with getting up out of the way. Next let’s great down the fitness aspect. If I was going to go to the gym one day a week what results will I achieve? Zero, only that I’ll be sore and aching all over 4 times a month and who wants that, right? “Oh great I was pumping iron today, wehay. Can’t wait for 7 days when I do it all again”. Pointless. I’ll get nothing from this.

I go four times a week and each time I go I improve on the time before – either through more weight or more repetitions but it is through this increase of weight and repetitions that my body is changing shape. It’s the consistency of doing the workout that allows me to enjoy a better shaped, energy rich body. However, on a micro level it’s the persistency of pushing through the reps that ultimately gets me the gains. It’s the two words powerfully working together to get me the results I want.

Let’s talk business

OK, so this is where it matters in your business the most. Being consistent can be thought of as a chore, burden, boring etc particularly as you got into business to be your own boss, right? Well if you want to continue being your own boss you need to learn to be consistent. Imagine a hotel only supplying hot water every now and again because there was no consistency in switching on the boiler? Or no one to check the timer to ensure it’s all set to fire up when it should? Imagine letting this minor detail fall out of pace with a consistent check list of things to do. It wouldn’t take long for other areas of the hotel to fall into disarray either if this was how things were managed.

Persistency in Business?

So as we know, persistency is something that is typically associated with tough, hard work. Grind, if you will. Do we need to exhibit it in business? I say absolutely yes. Because it is through the persistency, the pushing through a painful process or difficult position that you will come out the other side better for it. I’ll give you a perfect example. I hated cold calling. I really did. Picking up the phone and speaking cold to someone who invariably would most times say “No” was a tough thing to mentally process. I was persistent in making these calls though and through this persistency I got better and better at it so much so that I was hearing fewer “Nos”. Even when I heard Nos (and you hear a lot of them) I saw it simply as a stepping stone to my next Yes. This is because over time and experience you get to understand that it’s a numbers game and the numbers can predict when you’ll hit that next Yes. So, the Nos were simply expected and hopped over until I got to the next Yes. The persistent drudgery of the cold call turned into a positive experience and then becomes a consistent part of running my business.


When you notice that something requires persistency the gain from it (in business) is typically beneficial. So look for these signals – is what you’re doing a persistent feeling and if so what’s the up side to it (because there should be an upside). Remember if persistency is required you need to be consistent (constantly getting your leads together, picking up the phone, tweaking your script etc).

In Conclusion

Keep at it! Nothing worth doing is ever easy. If it was everyone would have it or be doing it. It’s why we have the 80/20 rule. It’s why we have obesity issues. It’s why we have poor businesses. Everyone wants to be the boss but no one wants to do the work. Everyone wants to be rich but no one wants to do the work to earn the money. They’d rather buy a lottery ticket, because, you know “someone’s got to win it”. I’d sooner work hard rather than wait for my numbers to come up, whenever that may be.

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