Commitment Builds Businesses and People

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There’s a reason why canyons are formed. But they aren’t formed over night. They’re formed over hundreds of thousands of years of water wearing away at rock, over and over. Eventually, water wins because it wears away at the rock. Over and over consistently wearing away relentlessly.

The same can be said for us – consistently building something, or writing something, or whatever. But we need to look further past consistency. If we do, we will typically find that commitment is there. It’s the same as saying:

“I’ve had enough. I’m going to lose weight” or, “I’m committing to reading a page a day of a book” or committing to spend the rest of your life with someone you love and care deeply about.

So, for me I see both commitment and consistency similar in how one feeds in from the other, but the commitment needs to be there from the beginning.

Without a commitment, or a set of rules, you could just as easily consider this as a task but that’s not what we’re trying to do here. We’re trying to change our lives and grow ourselves and our businessses. However, these all start with a commitment.

Ask yourself what can you commit to right now that will improve your position. Perhaps it could be:

Spend 15 minutes a day watching sales training videos on Youtube. Done.

Learn one new French word a day. Done.

Learn an awesome Business Skill. Done.

Really all you need to do is DECIDE to do it, commit to doing it and then start. Commitment is so rare nowadays but just make sure you can rely on yourself to do something – to be resourceful, to be trustworthy and dependable. Once you can rely on you everyone will start to see it, too.