App Review: Wunderlist – Using it To Grow Your Business

In today’s (1st) app review I’ll go through how I use the awesome app called Wunderlist (free).

The App

Firstly, I am a huge (HUGE) To-do list fan. I make lists of important tasks and use the traditional pen and paper. The thing with my to-do lists though is that they hinge on one vital piece of instruction and that is if it ends up on my to-do list it has to get done within 7 days. So, if I have written down “make 300 cold calls today” then guess what? I start dialling early because my head doesn’t hit the pillow until they’re done. It’s a simple rule I follow and one that allows me to make big “strong” [read important and impactful] to-do lists. [You can learn how to ingrain this principle by reading this blog post entitled 4 Steps To Form Habits That Help You Grow Your Business.]

So moving my to-do lists over to a more technical environment such as an app like Wunderlist was difficult for me, simply because I felt the old pen and paper did the trick and there was no need to reinvent the wheel. However, this app is a great little tool mainly because it is always readily accessible to me. Sure, I can carry a pen and paper around with me, but what if you can’t? You typically have your phone with you most times anyway so it was an easy platform to force myself into it.

The key benefits of this for me are how easily I can keep track of my to-do lists. If I am putting a grocery list together I can re-use the same one and obviously add a few more bits and pieces to it as required.

But it’s not only about grocery shopping! On my to-do list I have my “write my App of the week” on it – this doesn’t need to be re-written each time, it’s already there and it’s a regular feature for me, so it’s something I can be reminded of each day and when next Wednesday comes I can have it crossed off once it’s done. I’ve also got my followup calls in there for the day as well as my Social Media strategy for lead generation, too. Sometimes you follow so many different things that you just need to work from a list and Wunderlist gives you that simple platform to work from. It is also desktop based so you get the best of both worlds.

Business Uses

I find it a very effective app in keeping me on track with my goals for the day and week. As mentioned, if it ends up on the list it gets done. Remember a goal is a dream with a deadline. So, for me, that’s what makes to-do lists so effective. The fancy moleskin notepad won’t mean a thing if you don’t follow through on what you write down on it, so make the commitment that what ends up on paper/in the app gets done. Stick with that rule and you will have whatever you want.

Growing Your Business

Often times you’ll find yourself needing an accountability partner. Sharing your Wunderlist calendar feed with someone (spouse/business partner) helps keep your accountability on track. Heck, if you’d like to share it with me hit me up and send me the calendar feed and I’ll review it and keep an eye on you. In a good way, of course!

I promise you, sticking to your to-do list with an attitude of Operating from Necessity (as in it has to get done, no ifs and or buts) you will start to see amazing results in your business very quickly. Remember to review this post on forming habits that help grow your business.

Now, go add everything you learned here on your to-do list, starting with installing the app.