App Review: WordSwag – How To Use it For Business

I love this app. It helps me generate quick, awesome images and text in seconds and costs less than a latte at Starbucks. I would be at a loss for snappy content if it wasn’t for WordSwag.

Nestled neatly inside my Social app folder in between Twitter and Slack WordSwag is an app I use a lot. Daily if not multiple times a day. With it’s soft but unique welcome tone upon opening WordSwag welcomes you with an interface that even technophobes would understand how to use. But don’t let its simple UX fool you – it’s crammed with thousands of combinations and text overlays along with text randomisers that really let you create something incredibly beautiful and unique.

App Uses

I use this app for many different reasons – it might be simply to fill out my Social profiles with something motivational, or I could use it for lead generation. With my Social profiles I use Buffer to schedule out my messages so it’s a simple case of either using one of my own photos or WordSwag’s built in library of images. Then I add some motivational/inspiring text and schedule it to go out.

For lead generation it’s a different story. Often I would be in an establishment (a restaurant,for example) and this poses for a perfect opportunity to connect with the business owner. Simply taking a snap of my meal and a small piece of text and then either tweet it to the restaurant or private message them it on Facebook. Works well in order to establish a conversation!


For the four dollars I highly recommend checking out WordSwag. It’s a nifty app packed with combinations that will make your messages stand out from all the noise!