App Review Toggl Timer

Last week I started using a new productivity timer – Toggl. It’s a way to monitor where your time goes, so long as you actually track it. Now I am sure you’re well aware of timers and how you can track your progress through the use of one, but the way this timer works is it tracks anything and everything you need! You can have multiple timers running at the same time if you wish, you can run reports on your time and where you feel your time is being wasted or capitalised on during the day.

I set my day out into 15 minute blocks. I like it as I know what I’m going to be doing at set times. I schedule 15 minutes for social media, 15 minutes for business study, 15 minutes for self development study etc. All the while I can set my timer up for each of these time blocks. I can use the Toggl app or use the website – either which one I use I can access the results, data and timers from either platform.

The App is free for one user (typically it will just be you using it) so I do suggest giving it a try to see does it work for you and your day. After all, once you can time slot your day into blocks you can really see where your time is going along with a sudden boost of productivity.

Give it a try!


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