App Review Phone Burner [Don’t Leave Home Without It]

I love Phone Burner (PB). Full disclosure though, technically it’s not an App. It’s a web platform you log into. Anyhow, with that out of the way here’s my scoop on using PB. I will also share why cold calling is the best thing since sliced bread but before I do, read on…

First off, PB is a phone dialling platform where you load up your leads and dial them one after the other in succession and track your results of the calls within the phone dialling platform. I know there are lots of different diallers out there so this review is more aimed at those looking for a system or if you’re on the change you may find this useful, too.

The Bitter Truth

If you’re going to use PB (or any dialler) and you’re cold calling you will inevitably be like the majority of people out there who hate cold calling. The stark reality is so many people would rather pay others to talk about their own company than to do the dials themselves most probably because of the fear of rejection over the phone. I get it. I used to be that way, too. However, in my experience it’s all about preparation. Get a good list with peoples names on it (Info USA etc), a good script you can follow and invest 15 minutes a day (just stick with it for just 15 minutes) and in a week or 10 days you’ll start to try to beat your previous day’s results. I like to get as many NOs as possible, because they truly are a step closer to a Yes.

I am having a truly positive experience with PB. The ability to tag calls is awesome. Here’s how it might be of use to you: During the cold call the prospect expresses an interest in sailing. You would simply make a tag with the word sailing and you can easily pull up the prospect’s record later when you find some relevant article related to sailing that you can share with them as part of your follow up sequence.

PB support is awesome too, not that you’ll need to use it much. But if you do, the phone support is great as is their online chat. Either way they got you covered.

Pricing is not too shabby, either. Unlimited (yes, unlimited) calls for only $149 a month. Or, if you don’t do all that much calling, 7.5 hours a month for $67.50.

Features include local caller ID. This helps with local number recognition and does work very well. There is an additional charge with this, but depending on the campaign you’re dialling it could very well pay for itself in the first couple of hours of use. Call recording is also included at no additional cost.


The reporting is awesome, too. At a glance you can see how your calls went, how many you made compared to how many had answered. It's a great way too to help you decide when might be the best time of day to call.

There's a free trial which I highly recommend you check out - load up your leads and get dialling!

Sliced Bread

Ok, so you made it this far. Good - here's the secret I want to reveal. Ask yourself this question. How many cold calls did you get this week? Then ask yourself how many spam emails did you receive this week? I bet you received way more spam emails. Why? Because people want the path of least resistance and this applies to business owners who want to grow their business, too! This leaves cold calling wide open to those who are prepared to overcome their fears and dial for dollars. With tools available to us like Phone Burner we really couldn't have things as easy in helping us grow our business. The only obstacles most of the time seem to be ourselves and our own internal conflicts.

Go get your free trial account with Phone Burner today! (No credit card required, that's nice).