App Review: Insight Timer [Calm my mind]

I like to pour a huge amount of energy and effort into whatever I am working on – but sometimes I get so involved with the project I fail to switch off at night when trying to get some sleep. I am sure many can relate to this.

Lately I’ve turned to meditation to help me with a way to relax and unwind and whilst I still struggle I am starting to see results from it.

I try to get 3 sessions of meditation each day – for three to five minutes a piece. Doesn’t sound like much, I know, but I just can’t hold my focus for anything longer right now (this is what the app I use is helping me with though, right?!).

The app I use is called Insight Timer. It has hundreds of different meditation options for different situations – concentration, to anger, to frustration, to calming, to sleeping etc and they vary in length, too so you can make a session as long or as short as you wish. For me, I’m on the short sessions but I’m already starting to see improvements in my daily habits and rituals. My time is even more focussed, my mind easier to calm when I need it to be (not that it’s anywhere I want it to be just yet!) but I’m able to keep focus where it’s needed and that’s something I want total control over.

The app can be found here on the App Store and I’d strongly suggest giving it a try and seeing how you feel after a week of meditation.

Do you have meditation experience? Please share below how it has helped improve your life and business.