App Review: Animator [For Follow Up and Lead Generation]

Today I want to talk to you about a useful little app inside the iTunes store called Animator. It plays an important role in my Follow Up sequence (check it out if you missed it – you will love it, I promise) and if you’re reading this you may have even received a message from me using this exact method. Here’s how it works:

Having established contact with my prospect the next step for me is to make them aware I still exist and am “everywhere”. I do this a number of ways but using Animator it allows me to send the prospect something special and unique that they weren’t expecting. So, I typically follow the prospect on Twitter and send them a message like “@name hey there good to see you here on Twitter.”

That’s the first step. Next I load up inside my @Buffer app a scheduled tweet (it’s ok if you don’t have Buffer, read on). It’s really quite simple. I open up Buffer and create a new tweet to go out from my account. I then attach a really short four second clip along with a message similar to: “@name hey there I hope you’re well just dropping you a smiley face! Looking forward to talking on Friday”. Here’s an example of the tweet (follow me on Twitter, too).

So why is this app so useful to me? Well let’s see. Most sales people (yes, we run a business so we’re sales people), follow up 2 times and that’s it. This is a simple and effective method to touch base and count towards one of your follow ups (come on now, one call closes are for movies and pizza stores only, right?!). It can also be done in seconds and scheduled (if you use Buffer) or of course set up inside Hoot suite or another Social Media scheduler.

Come on now, let’s be creative with our prospecting and show the prospect how much we care. Everyone’s doing the same old same. Mass spamming emails, very little follow up and zero creativeness and we’re supposed to be the marketers?!

The ingredients to make this work:

  1. Animator App
  2. Your prospect to follow up
  3. Send out initial connection tweet
  4. Schedule waving man/something nice made in the Animator app a day or two later with a gentle reminder
  5. (optional) if they are not big Twitter users send them an email/sms saying that you sent them a little something on Twitter and to go check it out.

If you liked this app review and method please share it with your networks to show them you care!