Want To Start Your FBA Amazon Business But Can't Find The Perfect Product?

Need to Find That Perfect Product to Sell on Amazon But Don't Know Where to Start or What To Look For? Let Us Help Find And Source That Perfect Product And Supplier!

Hi, I'm Kevin O'Connor the owner of The Offline Assistant. Our doors opened on the 9th January 2012 and we'll soon be celebrating our 4th birthday! We've grown since then from three staff to over 20 right now and recruiting on an ongoing basis. The company started off serving Marketing and Business consultants and now we have expanded our service offering to help those in different industries.  But... you're not on this page to read about me, you're here to find out exactly how this Office Based team can be yours every day, doing product research, suppliers sought and all your product marketing done for you.

Here's How We Can Help You Get Started

  • Product Research

    Let us find you the perfect product for you to begin your FBA business! Jump on a discovery call with one of our lead searches and we will help you discover what product category you want to be in.

  • Checklist Search

    We follow a specific checklist to help find you that perfect product. Here’s the exact checklist we use

  • We're Creative

    We like to thoroughly get to know your chosen product and find ways in which you can use it or market it diferently than everyone else. This is where we leverage our extensive experience in product research and sourcing with suppliers. Basically, you don’t need to do all the thinking, we’ll help where we can!

  • Finding the Perfect Supplier

    That’s right, we will also source you the perfect supplier who will manufacture the product for you. The key thing here is a quality supplier who will also let you get started with a lower than normal Minimum Order Quantity. If they aren’t flexible on your first order then they don’t make the cut!


Some Testimonials

Hey Kevin,

I know I said any niche would be fine as long as I could have a product that made sales, but I was really hoping for something in gardening, barbecue supplies, or maybe my favorite, kitchen supplies. Although any product that would have made me money would be fine and I would get behind it. So what do I get? kitchen supplies my first choice! Very awesome! I guess you really could tell by our initial consultation the kitchen niche would be what I would like most.
I've been trying to find something in the kitchen niche that would be profitable and so far I haven't been successful so I'm very happy with these product ideas.

I love the video! I thought the video would be just a generic video that would be the same for everyone, explain how to unzip the files and that sort of thing. But that customized video was really nice And I liked the Amazon FBA check list...

So anyway I'm very happy!

Bruce Merrian

...I too have been the recipient of Kevin O'Connor's excellent efforts. I was not really sure if I needed this service but I am extremely glad that I opted in and that he is on OUR team. Kevin researched and found two excellent products for me exceeding the criteria standards Mark has established complete with the contact information of 3 major suppliers for both products. I am currently finalizing on both of them and should have them added to my line in the next few weeks. Like Mark Scott Adams has said many times, if something works, just rinse and repeat over and over. I hope to have a long and very prosperous relationship with Kevin and his team for a long time to come. Mac

Keith-Dana McCauley

A follow up To Marks webinar with Kevin O'Connor and for those of you wondering whether to use his services to find your next product. Annie and I have finally listed our first product from China but it took a long time to find and we've since spent hours learning how to do super URLs, coupons, photos, listing and selling in other European countries (which means translating listings). And while we waited for our product to arrive and in order to learn the selling process we've also dabbled in retail arbitrage. Through that we learned loads about packing and labelling and sending to Amazon but again that took many hours. Kevin came along at precisely the right time for us. We had a long discussion with him over Skype and he asked lots of questions in order to get to exactly what we wanted from the product. He's extremely easy to talk to - very friendly - and kept us updated throughout the process. It took around two weeks with Kevin using Mark's criteria to the letter but also personally tracking the product(s) for over a week once he'd found it. It took slightly longer for us as he also tracked it in the UK too. He also found and communicated with, 3 companies in China for each product, got MOQs right down and came up with a few ideas to enhance one of the products which he also checked was doable with the manufacturer. And at the end we were given a large file with addresses, links, photographs, a youtube video, stats and graphs plus another conversation with Kevin still to come. But the most helpful component for us both was the video he made taking us through the files bit by bit.
The proof is in the pudding as they say (well they say it here I don't know if they say it there !) and we'll update when we start selling the product but Kevin used the checklist exactly as Mark set down so I'm more than hopeful that we'll do well.

Linda Sabry

Kevin's help for finding products was great!

Hulda Sveins

Product Research Options (and more further down!)

  • 1 Hour Discovery Phone Call
  • 3 Products Researched
  • 3 Suppliers Researched and Contacted
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • 30 Minute Discover Phone Call
  • 1 Product Researched
  • 1 Supplier Researched and Contacted
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
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Additional Services for your Product

  • Graphics and Packaging Design

    We have graphic designers on staff who can help with your graphic design requests. Simply let us know your design brief and we can begin working on it right away, whether it’s a new logo for your new product, or packaging design to give the perfect first impression we can help!

  • Timeline Covers and Banners

    We can put together a new Facebook banner page for your upcoming FBA product, along with a Twitter background to help get your launch off to a flying start!

  • Quality Control

    Have your product sent to our office in The Philippines for Quality inspection – this can literally save you weeks of time with shipping samples. You and one of our staff can jump on a Skype call to fully review the product sample!

  • Task Ownership

    Each task has ownership assigned by a staff member who will then task specific elements of that project to agent specialists (for example graphic design, web site customization etc).

  • Landing Pages

    There’s a world outside of Amazon you know! Let us help you spread your digital product by creating landing pages for your awesome product!

  • AutoResponder Integration

    Using your landing page to begin with, let us hook up your autoresponder and craft the perfect email campaign!

  • VSL Creation

    Need your sales letter made into a video sales letter? We can take the pain and frustration out of creating VSLs giving you more time to focus on the things that matter.

  • Product Training Webinar

    Webinars are a great way to talk more about your product, or to deliver extra training! Let us help you set it all up, whether Live or Automated we got you covered.

  • Facebook Ad Management

    A lot of our customers use Facebook ads to drive traffic to their landing pages outside of Amazon. Let us help you by setting up a high converting campaign.

  • Live Web Chat

    Sometimes your customers need additional online support – and that’s where our Live Chat service comes in handy!

  • Hourly Options - Big Savings

    We offer attractive block hourly options for you to leverage our expertise. Pay for as much or as little as you need!

  • Office Based Staff

    All our staff are office based agents all in the same building. No work from home agents here.

  • 99.98% Uptime

    With two dedicated broadband lines and a high horsepowered backup generator we’re up when most are not!

  • Operating Hours

    Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm EST.

  • Ticket Submissions

    Submit your requests via our ticketing system and we will update the ticket as we complete the tasks. If you prefer your own project management tool we can use that for you, instead.

  • Dial In Requests

    Sometimes you might need to phone in to submit a support task. Do so through our dedicated inbound line you’ll receive upon signup.

  • Company Owner

    Kevin O’Connor is always present in The Offline Assistant business. You’ll be able to reach out to him personally with any ideas you’d like to have considered as a service.

  • Reach Out Call

    Kevin suggests you schedule some call time with him each month as a way to ensure you’re getting the most out of the service. One of his staff will be in touch to arrange this call with you. There is no additional charge for this.

Some Testimonials of our Services

Thousands of Sales - we got you covered

Two of our customers who regularly make thousands of sales during Product Launch week - here you can see two of them both in the TOP 5 on the same day - even with this sort of support we're able to take care of their every needs!

Frustration Busting Assistance

We took the frustration out of this property investor's business which allowed him more time to concentrate on closing deals.

Used VAs in the Past...

Brant's used other VA services from various sources in the past - but it looks like we're the perfect fit for his business. We're delighted we can help!

Hands free Support Desk

This is exactly what you want, right? A hands free support desk... well then, get in touch and let us take care of the logistics for you!

Ongoing Support Options

OA Now
  • Immediate Priority Assistance
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Always on Support desk Management
  • 12 Hours Daily Support
  • Unlimited Graphics
  • Unlimited Funnel Setup
  • Free setup
  • Plus lots more!
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OA 20
  • 1 hour support each day
  • Unlimited graphics
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited Membership Sites created
  • Unused hours roll over
  • Low setup fee $200
  • And lots more!
  • Two month commitment applies
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100% Money Back Guarantee

Should we not come to a clear direction on sourcing products for you through our initial phone consultation then you will get 100% of your money back, no questions asked. In fact, I will insist on it!